How We Started Pushing

High, We are Push Trees .... a company started solely off of an Instagram post.
Our owners @Dope_as_Yola & @Stoner_Dottie were in their front yard smoking a joint and talking just like always, during the conversation they thought it would be funny to take a picture pushing their tree. For those of you that don't know, push means to sell ,and trees is a slang term for cannabis. So to Push Trees is just a funny way to say "sell weed".  
Stoner Dottie and Dope as Yola are known in the marijuana community for making videos and taking pictures involving marijuana. After posting this image on their Instagram pages they received hundreds of comments saying "make this a shirt" "please turn this into a logo" etc. A few weeks after posting they were contacted by their friend from Kush Friendly Clothing , he asked them to make a collaboration shirt together.
Our first idea was to turn the picture of pushing the tree into a marketable logo or design. A few days later "dope as yola" sent over a horrible looking sketch to Kush Friendly and their artist made it into something awesome hahaha. Weeks later we dropped the collaboration and sold out in a little under 36 hours ! We were overwhelmed with the amount of support we received and decided to try and keep it going. It has been so much fun making new items and trying to evolve into a household name. The only way we can even keep going is because of our fans and their support. 

Thank you to everyone that has ever laughed with us, there are many more to come.....stay dope.