Push Trees

In the ever changing world of streetwear, there are brands and then there are movements. Thanks to our community we have fully solidified ourselves into the culture....here is how it happened.

Push Trees Clothing was founded by myself (Dope As Yola) & my wife Rosie. It all began in 2013, I was responding to an overwhelming amount of fans asking for a "merch drop".....but this spontaneous collection turned into something bigger than we ever thought possible....it quickly paved its own lane in the Cannabis Culture. Everything from art pieces, viral t shirt designs, jackets, grinders, rolling trays & glass all while keeping our core values....WEED & LAUGHING!

Over the past decade we have realized we are just getting started, with these years of experience under our belts, hundreds of festivals & thousands of orders we are ready to take over the World (metaphorically speaking)

Thank you to anyone that has ever bought a shirt, dropped a like or came to one of our pop up events...YOU made Push Trees what it is today. GET READY for 50 more years of fun clothing, wild collections and the Dopest Dope You Ever Smoked!